Cartography of Kitchenware 2.0, An Updated Classic Cookware Print by Pop Chart Labs

Cartography of Kitchenware

Pop Chart has created an updated version of their “Cartography of Kitchenware” print. The new version includes additional recipes, updated tools, and a more modern look.

Refreshed and redesigned, our Cartography of Kitchenware is back with some additions to the recipe as well as a sharp new look! Cultivate your culinary mastery with this hand-drawn homage to home cookery—a meticulous mash-up of over 200 measurers, mixers and more, from a panoply of pots and pans to a smattering of spatulas (including the legendary “Spoonula”)! The culmination of years of research, diagramming, and design, this masterful map is a hot ref for top chefs.

Cart of Kitchenware