How to Turn a Carrot into a Musical Recorder

In a handy episode of their Nifty series, BuzzFeed producer Caroline Miller demonstrated how to turn a carrot into a musical recorder with a large carrot, a baby carrot, a kitchen knife, a drill, and a large drill bit.

1. Slice the top of your large carrot.
2. Using a large drill bit, drill straight down into the carrot as far as you can go.
3. Slice into the carrot about an inch down from the top. The cut should go about a third of the way through the carrot.
4. About and inch and a half down (4 cm) from the cut, slice diagonally into the carrot creating a wedge-shaped piece.
5. Insert a baby carrot that fits snugly up to the second hole. Slice it off so it sits flush with the top.
6. Take out the piece of baby carrot, and slice it diagonally longways creating a wedge shape.
7. Insert it back in the hole thicker side first.
8. Drill three holes on the side of the carrot for different tones.
9. To play, cover all the holes and blow, letting air through one hole at a time.
10. Enjoy your beautiful carrot music!

Justin Page
Justin Page

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