Wonderfully Modular, Interchangeable Cardboard Cat Dwellings Designed by Taiwanese Architects

When one of their two beautiful cats, Chacha and Lilly had a bit of difficulty adjusting to her new home in Taipei, Taiwan, designerSzuti Tsai and her partner tried to find a way to make the cat comfortable in a manner that worked with their own aesthetic. After trying a number of different cardboard products, the pair gave up and instead employed their respective architectural backgrounds to create A Cat Thing, a collection of wonderfully interchangeable and connectable cardboard cat dwellings that encourage a cat’s curiosity with a sleek modular design.

Being architects, we decided to design ourselves a cat house that would become the first product coming out of A Cat Thing. Our cat house is modular, simple, pretty and safe. …There are four different modules: room, living room, balcony and ramp. Their modular nature makes them easy to assemble. You can create the most suitable structure according to your available space and your cat’s personality.

A Cat Thing

Multi Cat Thing

Beginners Package

A Cat Thing Modular

A Cat Thing

A Cat Thing 2 Cats

photos via A Cat Thing Product Page