Captain Nemo MakerBot Poster by Molly Crabapple

Captain Nemo

Molly Crabapple created this wonderful “Captain Nemo” themed MakerBot poster, now available in the MakerBot store.

Molly talks about her ideas for poster concept:

“As soon as I walked into MakerBot, I knew I was seeing The Future. And by this I mean the aesthetic, jet-pack wearing future we had been promised. As I saw the extruders whirl round and round, making my friend’s heads in plastic, it hit me — I had to capture this moment into art. For my collaboration with MakerBot, I re-envisioned Captain Nemo’s submarine, rigged out with dozens of MakerBots, each turning out chess sets, tea sets, and aquatic art objects. It being a ship, there are cats. I bet they know how to use the MakerBot, too.”