The Search for the Mysterious Commenter Behind the Online Praise for Captain Kutchie’s Key Lime Pie

In a tart episode of the unsolved mystery series Nothing Is Revealed, host Alex Gartner embarked on a search for the rather mysterious commenter who has been propagating and praising Captain Kutchie’s Key Lime Pie online for the past seven years. Gartner first posited that the commenter was of an advanced age, due to the fact that the restaurant, Kutchie’s Key West Cafe of Asheville, North Carolina has been closed for a very long time. The second supposition was that it was a well scripted bot that somehow easily passed the Turing Test in order to drive more traffic to certain sites. The third theory points to another commenter being aware of a developmentally disabled person who hung around the café and liked the key lime pie.

All it took was one mysterious, semi-coherent comment. The hunt was on. A few intrepid explorers peeled back the curtain, and found hundreds more. All over the web.

Are the Captain Kutchie comments outwardly malicious or violent? Maybe not. Are they creepy and unsettling in their scope and length? Absolutely so.

All it took was one, and the hunt was on.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips