Superhero Action Figure Comes to Life With the Power of 3D to Save Woman From the Jaws of an Octopus

In the amusingly brilliant stop motion animation “Captain 3D” by Victor Haegelin, a superhero action figure sitting upon a desk accidentally comes to life with the magnified power from a pair of 3D glasses that were haphazardly tossed in front of a light. As the hero awakens, he becomes aware that a sharp toothed green octopus was getting ready to consume a loudly screaming woman and takes quick action to rescue the damsel in distress.

Captain3D is an ordinary super hero 30cm high. He doesn’t actually own a super power but he has a big heart and when puts his super anaglyph glasses he sees the world in relief! His main motivation : rescue nice ladies in danger!

Captain 3D

A post shared by Victor Haegelin (@patagraph) on

A post shared by Victor Haegelin (@patagraph) on

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