Campfire Cologne, A Red Box of Sticks to Waft Smoke Into Your Beard

Campfire Cologne

“Respect the beard”

Portland-based Antler & Co. has created Campfire Cologne, a little red box full of wood sticks (with matches for burning) used to create a puff of smoke to waft into your hipster beard. It is available to purchase online.

Campfire Cologne is the Tried and True scent of your best summer ever. A nostalgic ode to cooking over the fire, secret swimming holes and the unending days of youth. Use it frequently, transport yourself, live the dream.

Learn more about how to use Campfire Cologne in this video made by Fort Ripper titled Wilderness.

Campfire Cologne – Wilderness from Fort Ripper on Vimeo.

Campfire Cologne

Campfire Cologne

images via Antler & Co.

via Hypebeast