Photography Obsessed Man Builds a Camera Shaped House For Himself and Sons: Canon, Nikon and Epson

Ravi Hongal, a photographer who is obsessed with cameras, built for himself a three story house in the town of Belgaum, India that looks just like a classic camera. The interior also features photographic themes. His three sons Canon, Nikon, and Epson, are also a testament to Hongal’s love of the craft.

Ravi Hongal’s three-story house in Belgaum, India, has become the latest attraction in the city. The 49-year-old photographer has spent over £75,000 to build his abode designed as a camera. …While the facade is complete with a lens, flash, showreel, a memory card, and a viewfinder, the interiors also have ceilings and walls designed as different parts of a camera.