Busy Work, A Frantic Computer Game Challenging Players to Reply to Customers Despite Interruptions

Busy Work Video Game

Busy Work by Lisa and Matt Bethancourt is an absolutely hilarious multiplayer workplace, customer service-themed computer game that challenges players to answer as many customer emails they can while being constantly interrupted by urgent emails, tasks and texts from co-workers. The competitor who is able to answer the most emails within a two minute window is the winner.

Like Spaceteam in an office, Busy Work is a fast-paced multiplayer installation game that makes frantic and hilarious gameplay out of tedious office work. Grab a cubicle and compete with your colleagues to answer as many customer emails as you can.

Answer Your Phone

Busy Work was featured in the Arcade area of the 2018 XOXO Festival in Portland, OR. In fact, Laughing Squid good friend Rachel Lovinger grabbed herself a cubicle to try it out.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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