New York City’s Most Elegant and Luxurious Public Bathroom Is Located in Bryant Park

The Bryant Park public bathroom is arguably the most elegant and luxurious of its kind in all of New York City, if not beyond. The Beaux-Arts bathroom building, which sits on West 42nd Street at the Avenue of the Americas, was built in 1911 and underwent a $300,000 restoration in 2017. The entryway features fresh flowers, classical music, imported tiles, coiffured ceilings, crown moldings, high end toilets, and artwork on the walls.

Bryant Park’s latrines treat New Yorkers and tourists to fresh flowers, classical music, coffered ceilings and tiled walls. The toilet contains self-changing paper covers that refresh after each use, and to set the bar even higher, a full-time attendant stationed by the sinks ensures that all surfaces are left spotless.

Unfortunately, the lines can be very long to get in.

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