A Tasty Tour of Three Iconic Pizza Places in Brooklyn

Nicole Russell, the host of Pizza Wars on First We Feast, met up with Adam Richman, formerly of Man v. Food and Frank Pinello of Best Pizza, to tour three of the most iconic pizza places in vastly different neighborhoods around Brooklyn, New York. Included in this tour was Luigi’s Pizza in Park Slope, Lucia Pizza in Sheepshead Bay, and L’Industrie Pizza in Williamsburg.

On the premiere episode of Pizza Wars: Quest for the Perfect Slice, host Nicole Russell is meeting up with native Brooklynites Adam Richman and Frank Pinello to explore the past, present, and future of Brooklyn pizza. …From traditional, old-school slice shops, to innovative, chef-driven pizzerias, Brooklyn remains a true paradise for pizza lovers in 2023.

Each proprietor explained how their chosen profession is a labor of love. Both Pinello and Giovanni Lanzo of Luigi’s said it best. It’s about family.

…in Brooklyn, especially when you come to neighborhoods like this, there’s a lot of history and a lot of pizzerias that have been around for a long time, that are carry on legacy. Where the bottom line isn’t the most important thing, maybe in Manhattan it is, but in Brooklyn it’s more about community. It’s more about family, and it’s more about, I think, the commitment to being great. …. I’m not working, I love being here this is my socialization. That’s the best part of your life was when you sit at the dinner table with your family. This is my family.

Brooklyn Pizza Tour