Rescued Brooklyn Bodega Kittens Enjoy a Spa Day

Two kittens who were rescued from the basement of a Brooklyn bodega were treated to a spa day courtesy of Flatbush Cats.

Former bodega kittens enjoying a spa day

The kittens, who were name named Pico and Guac, were given gentle yet necessary baths as they hadn’t received any human attention before their rescue. The tiny felines seemed unsure of the water but eventually gave in to the luxurious feel of the warm water. They are now living in a loving foster home.

Pico and Guac, two former bodega kittens, are loving life in foster. They are getting lots and playtime and cuddles thanks to your support! 

As mentioned in a previous video, Flatbush Cats is concerned about the number of bodega cats that don’t have proper veterinary care and is seeking to remedy this problem with affordable veterinary care.

We all love bodega cats – they bring us so much joy! But many bodega cats do not receive the basic veterinary care they need. The best way to show your love for bodega cats is to help us make basic veterinary care more affordable for more New Yorkers.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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