Brooklyn Based Art Event Space Rubulad Is Looking For New Home

Rubulad, the creative hive that’s hosted 17 years of epic art parties in Brooklyn, is looking for a new home.  To get there, the gang has embarked on a good old-fashioned Internet barn raising via Kickstarter.  They’re doling out custom piñatas and souvenir panties, along with offering to stage a “pop-up 15-minute Rubulad” in some donors’ homes. (Just don’t let ’em get you evicted!)

Last year in July, we covered the initial eviction scare as city officials ordered Rubulad’s denizens to vacate the lower level of their building in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood. Sari Rubinstein and Chris Thomas, who run the Rubulad event and community space, explained in a recent email to Laughing Squid that they tried to salvage the situation but are now moving on:

“After a year of architect and contractor visits in an attempt to do the work required to have the Vacate Order lifted from the ground floor, and ultimately getting a $40,000 estimate to install the various remedies to qualify for getting the Order lifted, we followed our lawyer’s advice and surrendered the ground floor.

“During this time we burned through all our savings by paying simultaneous rents (home space + event rental spaces).  We are now fundraising for a new home base. The new home will be Rubulad’s third.

“We’re looking in Brooklyn for a large (6,000+ square ft.) space with an outdoor component, for basically the same model of having resident artists as well as community-based events.”

Jessica Bruder
Jessica Bruder