The Members of The Boston Typewriter Orchestra Perform Original Symphony From Home via Video Chat

Great Big Story visited with The Boston Typewriter Orchestra, a group of talented alternative musicians who compose and perform original typewriter symphonies. When Great Big Story visited them again in 2020, the musicians were unable to do live performances because of the need for social distancing, so they decided to collectively perform an original piece from their “separate spaces” through video chat.

Unfortunately, the Boston Typewriter Orchestra can’t perform together in person right now because of the pandemic. But these creative musicians did the next best thing. They performed an original composition just for Great Big Story, all from their own homes.

The orchestra is releasing Workstation to Workstation, a new album of their newest work, including this song. The album will be available digitally when completed. They are pressing a vinyl version as well.

We made the studio version of the song we performed available, added to the two songs whose videos we had already released.