Once word got out about BORG2, it wasn’t long before other “BORG’s” starting appearing…

First there was BORG3, a commercialized Burning Man for spectators. Then came BORG4 for the ravers. Soon BORG’s started showing up everywhere. In fact you couldn’t even walk around the Mission without overhearing someone talking about the latest BORG that they started.

By far our favorite is BORG is borg9, “The other white borg”:

A place for you to vent your true feelings about the torrid love-hate-love relationship between Flash and Flash. Somewhere to sigh a collective “fuck, this endless burning man shit is really boring me to tears.” The safe zone for the true believers. Because BORG9 is going to SMASH YOU PUNKS.

UPDATE: The borg9 Art Grant has been announced.