Blizzident, A Clever Custom 3D Printed Toothbrush That Cleans Every Tooth at the Same Time


The Blizzident is a very cleverly designed custom 3D printed toothbrush that is able to clean each and every tooth, all at the same time. The unusual shape of the brush allows for multiple bristles to address gaps left by more traditional toothbrushes and only requires six seconds of biting and grinding in different directions.

You simply bite and release quickly 10-15 times. This creates the little vibrating / jiggling upwards/downwards / slightly circling movements of the “Bass”-technique (while the bristles are placed in a 45 degree angle, which also automatically stops the biting movement softly)…Because you are brushing all your teeth at the same time, you are brushing extremely quickly. You brush all the difficult-to-reach and interdental regions without even having to think about it.

The company has also created a very clever 3D flosser that easily flosses in between teeth with just a bite.

The tailored 3D-Flosser positions floss exactly where it needs to be between all your teeth. By biting into it the floss moves between all your teeth until the gumline is reached, thus removing a lot of dirt already. Grinding left/right and forward/backwards a bit now moves all the rest out.

Both the 3D Toothbrush and 3D Flosser can be purchased via the Blizzident website.

Blizzident Green

Blizzident Side

Blizzident Animated

Blizzident Yellow

Blizzidents in a Row


blizzident-3d-flosser Animation

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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