Blind Woman Using eSight Glasses Sees Her Guide Dog For the First Time in Their Eight Years Together

Mary Sedgwick, a former physician in Asheville, North Carolina who is legally blind, was remarkably able to see her beloved guide dog Lucy for the very first time since Lucy arrived in her life in 2010.

In 2004 Sedgwick had been diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis, a “demyelinating inflammation of the optic nerve” that causes visual restriction and blindness. After removing herself from the world for six years, Lucy came into her life and again gave her the freedom she had lost. Using special eSight glasses, Sedgwick nervously peered into her Lucy’s eyes and was overcome with emotion when she found that could peer right back.

Waking up in complete darkness suddenly in 2004, the former physician from Asheville, North Carolina, USA, spent six solitary years secluding herself from the outside world, before finding ‘a meaning to life’ again, when she was matched up with her golden retriever guide-dog, Lucy. Instantly hitting it off with one another, with her canine companion’s help, Mary began to enjoy life once again with an adjusted sense of freedom, but the question of what her loyal dog looked like always weighed heavy on her mind.