An Innovative Robotic Tattoo Machine That Applies Intricate Designs With Little Pain Involved

Blackdot has created an innovative robotic tattoo machine that applies intricate skin designs while minimizing the pain that often goes with the inked art. The tattoos, which can be selected from an online marketplace of unique artist designs such as generative art, are applied with absolute precision and predictability.

Blackdot’s device uses a small number of concealed test dots to “learn” the client’s skin characteristics. The test dots are compared against Blackdot’s skin database to determine which settings (number of punctures and puncture depth) will yield the perfect black dot for that client’s preferred tattoo location. Paired with a dedication to top-tier customer service, the result is a fast, accurate tattooing experience with minimal discomfort.

Blackdot, which was founded by Joel Pennington, states that this new device is not looking to replace traditional tattoo artists, but rather add new forms of art into the mix.

We are a team of scientists and innovators using new technologies to drive a positive path forward for the art, artists, and people for whom the body is a canvas to tell their stories. ….The mission at Blackdot is to offer a new way for people to get tattoos, provide better mechanisms for artists to share and get compensated for their work, and to reimagine the tattooing process as a whole.

The first Blackdot studio is located in Austin, Texas, with plans to expand to other cities.


Blackdot Studio

via Futurism