Birth of Man, A Full-Length Feature Film Set in the Video Game World of ‘Minecraft’

Los Angeles filmmaker Brandon Laatsch and RocketJump are hoping to create Birth of Man, a full-length feature film that will be set in the video game world of Minecraft. Brandon is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help him and the RocketJump team “build something every single Minecraft player will not only enjoy watching, but will be proud of.” If successful, the film will be released for free on Brandon’s YouTube channel sometime in December 2014. We’ve previously written about Brandon and RocketJump’s visually stunning collection of videos.

We want to blend live-action cinematography with physically constructed Minecraft-style blocks and premier visual effects to tell a story of adventure, revenge, and creation – the likes of which has never been seen before.

In the same way that the ‘Dark Knight’ approached the world of Batman, we want to approach the world of ‘Minecraft’ with reverence and respect for the fans of the game.

It only seems fitting that the game which showed the traditional industry that people aren’t just interested in AAA games should be the one that inspires a feature film which changes the way video-game-based films are made for the audience and approached by filmmakers.

Here is the Birth of Man teaser trailer and a “Questions Answered” video by Brandon:

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