Adorably Detailed Japanese Wagashi Sweets That Look Like Delicate Little Birds, Bunnies and Pufferfish

Award-winning artisan Kuroda Kazuhiko of Wagashidokoro Kisshoan in Shonan, Japan, creates amazingly detailed Washagi sweets, which are made of mochi, red bean paste, and other ingredients that are easy to shape, that look like absolutely adorable little birds such as cockatoos and parakeets. In addition to the birds, the shop also makes tiny bunnies, oddly adorable pufferfish, pumpkins, along with all sorts of traditional fruit and flowers.

(translated) It is a Japanese sweets shop that is crazy for fishing. We have won many prizes in Japanese sweets contests. We will make use of that experience in the sweets of the store and create new sweets.

via My Modern Met