Artist Adds Bill Murray’s Face to Famous Paintings

American Gothic Bill Murray

Artist Eddy Torigoe Pellot quite hilariously and brilliantly digitally inserted the distinctive face of the great Bill Murray into several very famous and historical paintings by such historical luminaries as Vincent Van Gogh, Grant Wood, Gilbert Stuart, Frida Kahlo, Rembrandt, and Jacques-Louis David.

Pellot told Digg that he was inspired by how much Bill Murray reminded him of George Washington and created a series around that similarity.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bill Murray and I remember seeing a picture of him on Reddit. I thought that the angle and even the way he looked was very similar to the portrait of George Washington, …So I thought about looking for other photos of Bill to put in other paintings.

George Washington Bill

Bill Murray Van Gogh

Napoleon Bill Murray

Bill Murray Henry VIII

Bill Murray Blue Boy

Bill Murray Cavalier

Bill Murray Frida Kahlo

Bill Murray Uncle Sam

via Moss and Fog