1964 BBC Report on a Bullfighting Club That Used Bicycles Instead of Bulls

Fyfe Anderson of the BBC series Tonight visited a group of men in Rochdale, England who conducted bullfights with bikes instead of bulls. The bull was actually made using a pair of horns mounted on a modified bicycle. The club was rather large, boasting about 60 members in 1964.

…England’s The Last Place on Earth where you’d expect to find active followers of this controversial sport but Manchester has a bull fighting club with 60 enthusiastic members who hold regular meetings like this one at Rochdale.

One of the members had the idea for this event after visiting Spain.

Well, you learn about bullfighting from from reading about about bullfighting in books and from going to Spain. I got to Spain at least once a year …with the books helps one to appreciate the art of bullfighting.

Bullfighting With Bikes
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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