Loving Big Sister Brings Home a Kitten to Comfort Her Inconsolable Little Sister After a Bad Day at School

Jade Savage, a model and tattoo apprentice at Permanent Impressions Ink, found out that her little sister Reignbow had a really bad day at her new school and brought home a tiny kitten to console the otherwise inconsolable little girl. Reignbow is absolutely in love with the kitten, whom she decided to name “Moon”, but most of all Jade is just happy she could make her little sister smile.

She decided to name him Moon and she has not stopped talking about how happy she is that she finally has a kitty & how much she loves him. I’m so happy i was able to put a smile on her little face.

Their father Jay also expressed his joy and pride in both his beautiful daughters.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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