155 Pound Newfoundland Dog Insists on Using the Kitchen Counter as Her Bed

A big, beautiful Newfoundland dog named Cocoa absolutely insists on using the kitchen counter as her favorite bed, despite the number of other places around the house where she can sleep.

I bought more dog beds than I care to mention. she would much prefer to be on the countertop.

When Cocoa’s human Meredith first discovered her 155 pound dog on the counter, she was concerned that it wasn’t safe, but after a while Meredith got used to it. She did wonder how Cocoa got up there. The answer came when she heard the sound of barstools being moved.

One day I was sitting in our living room and I heard the bar stool move and I just kind of slowly looked over and she just kind of popped her front legs up and then pulled her back legs up and there she was and like a cat does she just kind of circled and then sat down.

Meredith surmises that Cocoa likes to be at the same level as the family.

I think she likes to be up high. She’s at eye level with us and we’re like right in her face and she’s in ours.

Newfoundland Counter Bed

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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