Musician Plays a Giant Eight Foot Tall Tuba

Musician Derek Fenstermacher of the New Jersey Symphony visited Dillon Music in Woodbridge, New Jersey in order to play an enormous tuba named “Big Carl”, a unique horn that may be the largest in the world. The tuba has been owned by Carl Fischer Music in New York City since the early 20th century but was taken to Dillon for repairs.

Carl Fischer Music owns what some believe is the world’s largest tuba. Playing it requires a strong set of lungs.

This mammoth wind instrument stands at an amazing eight feet tall and weighs over 100 pounds. Additionally, the instrument doesn’t have a standard tuba’s normal pistons and valves, so only the lowest of notes can be played.

Unlike a typical tuba, it has finger buttons but no valves and pistons, which means it only plays fundamental notes with a narrower pitch. That probably defines it as more of a bugle than a tuba, which might make it eligible to horn in on another title.

Tuba Comparison

Other musicians have had the chance to play “Big Carl” as well.

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Lori Dorn
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