Artistic Cyclist Is a Graceful Ballerina on Two Wheels

Artistic Cyclist Lea Schaepe of Pottsdam, Germany, performs incredibly graceful tricks on her bicycle as if she were a ballerina on wheels. Schaepe explained to Ripley’s Believe It or Not that she came to love this sport after seeing a show when she was young.

The first time I see artistic cycling was at a celebration in my village, close to Berlin and I saw girls doing this stuff on the bike. They did it so together and it was so impressive. … It was so smooth and glorious. It was so cool to see and then, I decided, with my parents, to start artistic cycling in the club. So, artistic cycling is a small sport in Germany; it’s not that famous.

Since then, Schaepe has been competing around the world on her “fixie” (fixed-gear bicycle) and spreading the word about this sport she loves very much.

So what I like about artistic cycling now is that I can be free and I have fun learning new tricks, and that’s why I want to help to promote it and to teach other people on the streets how to do wheelies and other kind of stuff on the bike. I would like to make it artistic cycling in the US as big as it could be.

Bicycle Ballerina

via Boing Boing