Man Makes a Childhood Confession During His Best Man Speech at Older Brother’s Wedding

Photographer Talia Joy captured amusing footage of a younger brother confessing to a long-ago misdeed during the “Best Man” speech at his older brother’s wedding.

It turned out to be a paintball incident that occurred twenty years ago. When the younger brother was excluded from a paintball game, he tried to follow his older brother and friends but couldn’t. Instead, he used some of their paintballs to tag a neighbor’s house. When the older brother returned home, he and his friends were blamed for the deed and got into a lot of trouble.

When I was around eight Dave and Mark were at the house…they were playing paintball one day …I asked if I could join and they shot me down like any older brother would to any little brother but like any other little brother I ran upstairs I got my stuff anyway and I was going to follow them … when I got my stuff and came downstairs they were gone, so I picked up a couple of Mark’s paintballs and I threw them against the house next door.

Wedding Confession Best Man Speech

Luckily, enough time had passed for anything to be done about it, except to give his brother some closure.

I knew I was going to have to tell eventually but boy was I really wanting to watch TV that day. So I bring this up 20 years later. It’s a wedding gift to him – for closure.

Here’s the Video Without the On-Screen Captions

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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