Bentley the Brave Bulldog Goes for a Picturesque Helicopter Ride With His Beloved Pilot Human

Bentley, the funny English Bulldog, who bravely faces his fears by walking backwards, went for an absolutely beautiful helicopter ride with his beloved pilot human Bradley Friesen over the picturesque mountains of British Columbia. After landing at their desired destination, both man and dog played around in the snow until it was time to go home. This very fun day was captured and edited by Treven LePage from House Hippo Media.

Never thought I’d call a dog my best friend, but over the past 2 years, that’s what Bentley has become. My little 40lb adventure buddy. Checkout his big helicopter adventure in the mountains of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Bentley is a 4 year old, English Bulldog who loves beaches, car rides and flying in helicopters.