Benefit for Al’s Comics at Cellspace

Benefit for Al's Comics at Cellspace

If you enjoy your comic book buying experience replete with an angry, curmudgeonly, yet somehow charming store owner in a space that’s floor to ceiling newsprint in several states of ‘vintage’ than you’ll love Al’s Comics. You’re almost guaranteed to be yelled at for touching a comic the wrong way. Or bringing a drink in the store. Or asking him how Superman cuts his hair. In other words; it’s perfect.

Unfortunately, Al’s has run into some hard times as have many book store owners. With bills piled higher than this week’s comic stack he’s finding it hard to stay afloat. Being that he’s a community fixture, the community has come together to give him a leg up.

This Sunday, March 22nd there will be a Benefit for Al’s Comics at Cellspace located at 2050 Bryant Street in San Francisco.

5pm to midnight. Kids can hang out until 7pm, when the liquor starts flowing.

Pay what you can.

Mike Monteiro
Mike Monteiro