Man Builds Life-Sized LEGO Replica of His Striped Cat

Half-Asleep Chris, who previously created a LEGO replica of his black cat Ralph, decided that he would also build a life-sized LEGO replica of his short-legged, round-eyed cat Bella. This one was more complicated as Bella has more colors than Ralph.

Well now it’s Bella’s turn, but this time it’s gonna be way more difficult With Rolf, All I had to worry about was the shape, since Ralph’s entirely one colour But as well as being somewhat shapelier, Bella’s very very stripy, with grey, dark grey, black, white and orange fluff, as well as a bright pink belly …I want to make her donut out of Lego too.

To tackle the challenge, Chris first made a model out of gray bricks, plotting where the other colors should go as he went along. While he deemed his process to be a bit boring, and he had to take apart the LEGO Camper Van that he had previously built for the blue bricks, the result was adorable. But not at first.

I’m aiming for a more exaggerated and cartoonish look rather than photorealistic and as such her head it quite blocky- boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, Just show the finished thing already! Are you ready for this? …. It turned out incredibly creepy. Even Bella won’t go near it, and she headbutts everything!

He then made a few adjustments to take the Bella replica from creepy to cute.

Those eyes look like she’s been hypnotized or just had way too much catnip, so if I add some white for the reflections, it looks a little better. The mouth was an easy fix, using this quarter-circle pieces, and her ears are just completely wrong, so fix them a little, and it’s still not my greatest work, but meet Stella, Bella and Stella. But the real question is: will Stella get the headbutt of approval? YES!

Chris also paid tribute to Ralph’s late brother Tom.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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