Behind the Scenes of Steve Job’s Macworld Keynote

Macworld Keynote

Last week the Guardian Unlimited published a fascinating article about a behind-the-scenes look at Keynote speech that Steve Jobs delivers every year at Macworld: “Behind the magic curtain”

It was written by former Apple employee Mike Evangelist who helped Jobs prepare for keynote speeches as well as giving actual demos during the keynote itself.

To a casual observer it is just a guy in a black shirt and jeans talking about some new technology products. But it is in fact an incredibly complex and sophisticated blend of sales pitch, product demonstration and corporate cheerleading, with a dash of religious revival thrown in for good measure. It represents weeks of work, precise orchestration and intense pressure for the scores of people who collectively make up the “man behind the curtain”.

photo credit: JD Lasica (Macworld 2006 Keynote)