Beautiful Hoop Embroidered Leaves With Their Matching Root Vegetables Cleverly Hanging Below

Bavarian designer and food lover Veselka Bulkan has created a very clever line of hoop embroideries that feature detailed leaves inside the hoop with their corresponding felt root vegetables hanging directly below, as if they were still buried in soil. Each of the designs are available by special order through Bulkan’s website appropriately entitled “Little Herb Bouquet“.

I live in Munich, Germany. I am fully inspired by this nice city. I love being able to hear the sound of bicycles and dog paws everywhere. I love exploring nature, long picnics, cycling around lakes in Alps. I get excited especially observing the changes of the textures with the transition of the seasons. It is invaluable to visit local farm and flower markets, and then take a break to have a good coffee together with friends in a cozy cafe. After several years having fine arts education in painting department, and so with my love of designing new things, I focus on design more and more. I realize how I like to spend quality time to bake. All the sounds of kitchen, and styling. Little Herb Bouquet is inspired by all these thoughts.

via Illusion, Colossal

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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