Man Humorously Describes a ‘Beautiful’ $800,000 Single Family Home Listing in Fresh Meadows, Queens

Beautiful 800K Home in Fresh Meadows

Vlogger Louis Rossman of the computer repair company Rossman Repair Group, quite hilariously described a real estate listing for a “beautiful” singe-family home in the Fresh Meadows/Flushing section of the borough of Queens in New York City.

Upon first inspection, the home was quite lovely, if not a bit overgrown. The backyard needed a bit of upkeep, but nothing too overwhelming.

Beautiful 800K House Backyard

The appearance of the house changed tremendously, however, as soon as the camera stepped inside. Rossman virtually went through each room, offering humorous commentary about the condition of each, alternating between places where a “bomb” detonated and where “murder” took place. The floors were another story.

Well the other thing, they weren’t sure if you wanted hardwood or carpet, so they decided just to leave it because we’re not gonna make extra work for you. What if you don’t know what kind of floor you want? Why are we gonna put the hardwood on when you’re just gonna probably decide you want something else like concrete. Let’s just leave it as is. Well let’s give you the bare land, then you can decide what kind
of floor you want.

To be fair, the realtor (under)stated quite clearly that the house was uninhabitable.

Investor and Builder Opportunity. Single Family in PRIME Fresh Meadows Location. 4 Beds 2 Full Baths with Full Basement. Home Is Not In Livable Condition. Minutes to the L.I.E. Close to Fresh Meadows Shopping Center.

Beautiful 800K Home Bathroom 1

Beautiful 800K Home Bathroom 2

Beautiful 800K Home Bedroom

Beautiful 800K Home Dining Room

Beautiful 800K Home Floors

Beautiful 800K Home Living Room

Beautiful Kitchen

photos via Realtor