Bear Gleefully Dives Onto a Backyard Swing Set

A lively young bear named Pumpkin came upon a children’s swing set in a Los Angeles County backyard and gleefully dived onto the flying saucer swing. Once comfortable, the playful ursine tried to grab the other swing beside him. When that proved unsuccessful, Pumpking rolled onto her furry back like a cat and tried again. Despite her lack of success, Pumpking had a grand time rocking back and forth in the flying saucer. Alena, the owner of the swingset, found the amusing incident to be a part of her daily life.

Bear in a flying saucer. Pumpking the bear claimed the backyard’s swing set 


Bear in a flying saucer. Pumpkin the bear claimed the backyard swing set #bear

? original sound – Alena wild animals in CA yard

via Miss Cellania