A Determined Beagle Implements a Clever Strategy to Steal Chicken Nuggets Baking in the Toaster Oven

Lucy is one determined beagle, particularly when there’s no one else around. She cleverly strategizes how to get onto the kitchen counter where there are yummy chicken nuggets baking away in the toaster oven that automatically shuts down. After seeming to give the matter a bit of thought, she pushes a kitchen chair with her nose, jumps from the chair to the kitchen counter, opens the oven and tosses the contents to the floor where she gobbles them up.

Rodd Scheinerman, Lucy’s human, said that he was curious to see how Lucy was able to do this after she had gotten at another meal.

A few weeks before she had retrieved a roast from the bigger oven. Every day she moves the chair over. Never saw how she did it. I figured she would try to get in the toaster oven. The toast oven shuts its self off its on a timer. So I set up the camera. Put the chicken nuggets in an left came back 40 minutes later to the pan on the floor.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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