BART Idiot Hall of Fame Outs Shameful Transit Riders

Hammock Man

What more needs to be said about an asshole who sets up his own hammock on a train?

photo by Chuck Searcy

The BART Idiot Hall of Fame is an often funny, sometimes disgusting Facebook group that posts photos of “idiots, jerks, assholes on BART that deserve to be publicly outed for ruining your commute and breaking the rules!” Here’s all the photos in all of their shameful glory. For those not familiar, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is the San Francisco Bay Area’s public transit and subway system.

This is a space to vent, laugh and discuss BART related issues in a constructive manner. Those here to troll or stir up unnecessary drama will be removed. Warning: adult content, language and graphic images.


…gross bare feet on the seat. Disgusting!

photo by Lyndsay H. David


So this dude was eating his filled-to-the-brim large bowl of muesli with milk while balancing his bike. I’m still trying to figure out the order of his morning routine.

photo by Anthony Veerkamp