The Surprising Beauty of Gentle Giant Moths

Giant Moth

In 2015, Dutch moth and butterfly breeder Bart Coppens showcased the surprising beauty of the giant moths he’s raised. Like their butterfly cousins, these very gentle giants sport a wide array of colors, designs and features that allow them stand out and/or to hide in plain sight. The variety of moths Coppens features on his YouTube channel is absolutely remarkable and his helpful narration within each video offers a real opportunity to learn about these beautiful creatures. Coppens is also raising funds through Patreon in order to keep his video series going.

T Cultivating interest in insects and creating easily accessible information (for both professionals and the ‘common man’) about them is something that could seriously boost future conservation efforts if done on a large scale. I am also an (amateur) researcher and biologist, and research butterflies and moths on a scientific level. While I do not receive institutional support or funding, your donation allows me to carry these projects to a higher level.

Areas galactina


Agapema homogena

Hyperchiria incisa bicolor

Actias luna, Moon moth

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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