Barbenheimer, A Mashup of ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’

Shelby Ward and Caleb Ward of Curious Refuge amusingly combined the two summer blockbuster movies Barbie and Oppenheimer (both opening on July 21, 2023) into one, creating Barbenheimer – The Movie. They used AI, like their previous reinterpretations, to recreate each film’s characters seamlessly. They also added a bit of Wes Anderson styling into the mix.

Why watch a double feature when you can watch both films in one? She has become death, the destroyer of worlds. Welcome to the hottest Summer release of 2023. We are proud to give you… Barbenheimer. This is the mashup we’ve all been waiting for.

We previously wrote about an amusing Barbenheimer mashup poster by Sean Longmore.