A Restaurant in Bangkok Has Been Simmering Their Renowned Beef Noodle Soup for 45 Years

Wattana Panich Soup Bangkok

Producer Austin Brown of Great Big Story visited the Wattana Panich restaurant in Bangkok to learn about and sample their renowned neua tuna (beef noodle) soup, which contains a healthy amount of beef products and a really flavorful broth.

The recipe is such that the taste gets better the longer it’s cooked and the rich flavor comes from a cultivated soup base is that has been simmering for 45 years. Every day when the restaurant closes, any soup that’s leftover is put into the next day’s batch, a tradition that’s been going on for just a few years short of a half-century.

It’s a beef noodle soup called neua tuna. It simmers in a giant pot. Fresh meat like raw sliced beef, tripe, and other organs is added daily. But any broth leftover is preserved at the end of each day and used in the next day’s soup. It’s an ancient cooking method that gives the soup a unique flavor and aroma.