A Little Bald Lovebird Is Living His Very Best Life Despite Losing His Feathers and the Ability to Fly

A bald lovebird named Blondie is living his very best life with his family in Venezuela despite losing almost all of his feathers and the ability to fly.

Blondie had a full coat of feathers when he was first adopted, but his feathers began to fall off over the course of the year and he had difficulty getting himself aloft. After much research, his human Bella Escobar discovered that he had Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, a virus that attacks a bird’s immune system, feathers, and beaks.

Escobar stated that Blondie became depressed over the loss of his feathers, so she took measures to ensure that he was entertained and enriched through other activities.

We tried bringing that beautiful and lovely side of him so we tried other options on keeping him entertained. Our goal was to let him know he could have fun without using his wings. We showed him that he was accepted and it was amazing it was really, really relieving.

One such activity revolves around a dollhouse that he’s adopted as his own.

I have a big dollhouse that’s now his. If you touch the house, he’s going after you. He kind of thinks that that house is like his property.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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