Bad Lip Reading Videos Parody The Presidential Race

Bad Lip Reading has come up with a suitably silly and downright dada take on campaign speechifying that leaves Auto-Tune the News, the last great YouTubeness contribution to political discourse, way back in the rear-view mirror.

Here’s their groovy takedown of Barack Obama’s lip-flapping: “Trick The Bridesmaid” which confirms that there is no partisan exclusion to the parody-making. “Are you really drinking my bottled judgement?”, indeed.

But honestly, the current crowded field of Republican challengers is providing the best fodder for this innovation in words-in-mouthing. Like this little nugget from Texas Governor Rick Perry, “I cannot wait for a medieval cookie, a Cinnabon, hot yellow kool-aid and save a pretzel for the gas jets!”. I’m pretty sure he really said that.