A Hilarious Bad Lip Reading of the Yugely Historic Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un Summit in Singapore

Always one to keep up with current political headlines, Bad Lip Reading delivered an absolutely hilarious spin on the yugely historic Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un Summit, which took place Sentosa Island in Singapore on June 12, 2018. Amongst the fire and fury unleashed upon the North Korean leader, Trump also took the time to make some verbal notes about a rocket ship, German sheep named Glen, tiny zucchinis and the Dove of Ishmael.

So, I’ve read a lot of pages of his diary. And I gotta tell you it’s really funny. He truly still wants to grow up and get in a real rocket ship. On one page, he mentioned how he was gonna chuck a flip-phone at me And he also mentioned that he wants a little German sheep And he intends to name it Glen …Hey, look at the little tiny zucchini. That’s not for the birds! …And that is the dove. The Dove of Ishmael. The bird of one song.