A Savory Set of Realistic Bacon and Egg Vegan Soap

Bacon and Egg Soap

Denise Mancuso of AJSweetsoap has created a wonderfully savory soap set made up of an incredibly realistic breakfast of bacon and eggs. While these soaps look good enough to eat, they are actually made for washing up. Each soap is scented with a vanilla buttercream oil and is completely vegan.

There’s no better way to start your day than with bacon and eggs that won’t clog your arteries! Our newest breakfast soap set will delight faux food lovers everywhere – and they’ll enjoy pampering pleasure from our spa-quality vegan soap!

This set and other soaps can be purchased through the AJSweetsoap Etsy shop.

Mancuso also made a soap that addresses the sweeter side of breakfast – a heart-shaped waffle with syrup and butter.

Heart Waffle Soap

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