Back to Bits, A Series of Animated GIFs Celebrating Retro NES Video Games

Back to Bits is a series of animated GIFs, curated by Jerry Liu and created by artists around the world, celebrating retro NES video games. For level 1 of the series, titled “NES Nostalgia,” Jerry Liu Studios put together a musical montage of old school 1980s and 1990s NES game GIFs with music by Wesley Slover.

Back to Bits contributors are professional artists from various creative industries including illustrators, animators, comic book artists, concept artists, directors and designers who share a passion for video games. This first round, or “level,” in the Back to Bits series is called NES Nostalgia, and is a tribute to retro 80s and 90s NES games including Zelda, Mega Man, Balloon Fight and Joust. Artists were asked to reinterpret and create a seamless looping animated short GIF inspired by an NES game of their choice. (read more)

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