Orphaned Baby Otter Gleefully Chomps on Ice Cubes

An orphaned baby otter named Joey, who lives at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada adorably stuck his tiny paws into a bucket full of ice and chomped away to his little heart’s content, eagerly reaching for more whenever his handful ran out.

Joey measures his riches in clams… and ICE CUBES, of course. He can’t get enough of it… and it’s ALL HIS!

Baby Otter Chomps Ice

The little lutrine youngster was found at just ten days old near the body of his dead mother. Luckily a resident of the area heard his cries.

Joey is a male sea otter pup believed to be just 10 days old when he was rescued. He was discovered near Kyuquot after a concerned member of the public heard him vocalizing overnight on July 2 and discovered a deceased adult sea otter in the area, presumed to be his mother, the next morning.

Since that time, Joey has been given the best of care, which can be seen through the live camera feed from his nursery.

Joey is developing normally, with good otter instincts thanks to the experienced staff working with him.

After an exhausting day of sleeping, playing and being admired by his millions of followers, his Highness likes to relax over some well-placed neck scratches administered by his chief wellness attendant Sion.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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