Ba Ba Dum, Games That Let You Learn Words In Different Languages By Selecting The Correct Illustration

Ba Ba Dum English

Ba Ba Dum is an online collection of games that lets you learn words in different languages by selecting the correct illustration of the example word. Developed in Warsaw, Poland by Alexandra and Daniel Mizielinscy, Ba Ba Dum offers five word games in nine different languages and allows you to choose the language that you’re playing in just by clicking on the country’s flag in the lower right corner.

Ba Ba Dum Flags

Ba Ba Dum is a collection of five free HTML5 browser games that make you learn words in different languages while you’re having some fun. Collect points, check out other players scores and statistics…You can play it on your computer, phone or tablet.

Ba Ba Dum - Computer, Phone, Tablet

Ba Ba Dum - Japanese

Ba Ba Dum  - Cyrillic

Ba Ba Dum - Italiano

Ba Ba Dum Francais

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