Axis of Evil Toy Series by Plastic God

Axis of Evil Toy

Kim Jong-il

Los Angeles pop culture artist and notorious satirist Plastic God has been working with Glendale based vinyl art toy company Super Rad Toys to create his LEGO-like series of Axis of Evil toys, which will be available this September/October.

Plastic God’s Axis of Evil is a limited edition boxed set of 5” rotocast collectibles, featuring everyone’s favorite cast of current political icons: Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair, Kim Jong-il, George “W” Bush and Osama bin Laden. The dolls have 7 points of articulation and come packed together in a flip open window door box

Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil

Plastic God is also working with Cardboard Spaceship in Santa Cruz to create a limited edition Jail House version of his Axis of Evil toy series.