Australian Artist Covers Stones in Vibrantly Colored Dots to Create Beautiful Mandala Stones

painted stones group

Australian artist Elspeth McLean paints mandala stones in vibrant patterns of colorful dots both as an art form and as a meditative experience for herself. Her bold, beautiful use of color is explained in her artist statement:

Painting is my way to find my “happy place” and colour is a way to express and celebrate the colours of my soul. By using bright and vivid colours and intricate dot work style, the artwork I create becomes a direct expression of my experience of life. I tend to focus on the more uplifting and beautiful aspects of this world because I think there is already enough darkness. This mindset helps me keep alert, in the moment and I try to see the positive aspect in any situation.

McLean sells stones at her Etsy store. More examples of her work can be found on her Instagram feed.

painted stones in a line

Painted stone

painted stone in hand

painted stones in group

images via Elspeth McLean

via My Modern Met

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