Attaboy’s YArt Sale

Attaboy's YArt Sale

Attaboy is having a YArt Sale on July 9th between 11am and 4pm at The Dark Room in San Francisco. He’ll be selling over 500 of his original drawings from the last 6 years.

Many works of art up for sale have been seen in magazines and papers world wide, 100’s of Illustrations and original line drawings have been used for weekly papers. Others have been turned into designer vinyl toys, calendars, stationery, or eventually turned into a sticker that was reproduced 20,000 times. Here’s your chance to get the original, often with notes, scribbles, phone numbers, and limericks never intended to be seen by anyone. Your phone number may be on one of them so you had better get it.

UPDATE: photos are up on Flickr

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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