Paralyzed Athlete Shreds Central California Hills on Wheelchair Skateboard After Devastating 2016 Accident

California Poytechnic Institute student Evan LaLanne was severely injured in December 2016 after falling 30 feet down from Bishop Peak in San Luis Obispo, California. LaLanne underwent surgery and received regular physical therapy, but the accident left him without the use of his legs.

Since his recovery, Lalanne embraced his new normal and with his natural athleticism, he became a skilled para-Alpine ski racer and a fearless wheelchair skateboarder. On his board, Lalanne shreds the hills of the California Central Coast, although he does slow down when an adorable canine companion named Marlo Mae is riding with him.

In 2019, Lalanne spoke to an audience of the San Obispo Chamber of Commerce about his accident. He also talked about how he came to embrace the loss of his legs.

I started seeing my injury as less of a burden and instead, an opportunity. This realization sparked some excitement and a new mantra was born. If I’m gonna be paralyzed well then I might as well be really good at it. I might as well be the best paraplegic that I can be.